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Hospitality in Crisis: 4 tips to help navigate the labour shortage and cost of living emergency
Build a restaurant of the future
Our kiosk guide covers everything from software to space planning, as well as the results of our UK-wide consumer survey (spoiler: 82% of Millennials prefer QSRs with self-service kiosks). Proven to increase ATV and streamline your labour model, find out why kiosks are fast becoming the go-to piece of tech for hospitality operators.
Calorie labelling: The future of nutrition transparency and how to stay ahead of the curve
On 6th April 2022, calorie labelling on menus became mandatory for operators in England with over 250 employees. As consumer awareness increases around nutrition and dietary habits change, the trend towards transparency has shifted beyond compliance. Consumers increasingly want greater transparency from the brands they buy from - whether it's on nutrition or sustainability.
The Unexpected Benefits of Technology in Hospitality
Technology enabled restaurants, pubs and cafes to keep trading during the pandemic, but for some operators it did far more: boosting average transaction value (ATV) by up to 40%, reducing labour by up to 25% and raising throughput while increasing customer satisfaction.
Digital Transformation of Hospitality Report 2021
The pandemic brought a rush of technological innovation and adoption that has been lifesaving for many hospitality businesses. As restrictions ease, operators are now taking a step back and starting to think about how technology can support and complement their business in the long run.

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